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Hodding Carter

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Wingzzz = online storytelling

In the Wingzzz online storybook library, you have unlimited access to digitized storybooks in Hungarian, English and Dutch anytime, anywhere.

Our collection is constantly expanding with popular and classic tales, all of which contribute to the healthy development of your child's mental and emotional wellbeing.

Why should you read to your child every day?


The stories not only develop your child's imagination, but also character, vocabulary, expression, problem-solving and conflict management skills.


Children have a very good memory. They absorb new information like a sponge. They remember everything that interests them, so it is worth telling a lot about nature and science.


Evening storytelling with mom or dad strengthens a child's attachment to their parent. The ritual before sleep is important to relax and unwind, and gives them a chance to tell about the day's events or worrries.


Through the adventures of fairy-tale heroes, children recognize that they are not alone in their worries and that they can resolve their fears. For all kinds of problems, such as insomnia, teasing, envy, divorced parents, or even little challenges, you can find a variety of tales that offer solutions in a simple way.


Reading with parents is one of the dearest joys for kids as they become the center of their parent's attention. Regular storytelling will create warm bonding experiences in a child's memory.

Never enough storybooks at home?

Try Wingzzz and choose from the best digital stories for you and your children, anytime, anywhere!

There are currently 100+ storybooks, 3 languages and many more to come... New stories added every month.

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English, Dutch and

Hungarian stories

In addition to Hungarian tales, you will also find Dutch and English classic tales.
It is fun to read the same book in different languages to help your child learn a foreign language.

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There is no need to accumulate physical books. All stories are in the cloud! Stories can be accessed through any connected mobile device. (tablet, phone or laptop). Read your favorite stories anywhere, anytime.

Inspiring, child-friendly environment

Our easy-to-use interface makes reading an experience for both kids and their parents. Paging books illustrated with pictures are just as exciting for kids as if they were holding a physical book in their hands.

Great stories

Always new additions

We choose from the most popular and successful children's books so that everyone can find their favorite stories. We also update our fairytale library monthly with domestic and international tales.



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14 day free trial!

after that only

€ 4,99! (was €7.99)

-cancel anytime.